Xiaomi Router 3 AC1200 flash stock firmware

The situation is that I and many other brothers use MI-3 ROM Padavan but most of it does not know how to return to the original ROM (although the original ROM is still running bananas, hope the future near it better). There are some tutorials on the West's network, but it's still theoretical but not practical. 
+ Start:
- USB FD (good, not bad, not necessarily correct). Format of the Fat32 
- ROM Developer (non - ROM version of the .bin file) 
- Turn on the wifi MI -3 up (should be near the computer) connect computer with it (I still flash rom, ... via wifi) 
+ To step set parameters Padavan ROM: 

Enable SSH server mode for MI-3 

Change the correct port to Tool Padavan in Linux (I use Ubuntu) easy to find 

To the important step is to process using Padavan Tool (tool to compile ROM)

 Press Shift S to select Force Recovery Mode (S) tok
Tool will ask to enter: MI-3 IP address, password connected to MI-3 ... OK, the tool successfully. 

- Copy the ROM Developer file into FD USB, rename it to miwifi.bin (should copy ROM Developer file to its original name) 
- Unplug the MI-3, plug the USB into MI-3 
- Use a tooth stick (hard bit Plug in + hold the reset button on the MI-3, plug in. Wait for MI-3 to blink (I see it flashes one, break 2 seconds and then flash continuously - yellow light). Dropping no longer hold (source remains the same) ... Wait for MI-3 to restart, it can be seen on the computer is the original Xiaomi SSID. 

So get the original ROM Wish you success!


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