Unbrick miwifi Router

 Download any Xiaomi's development firmware --->miwifi_download
- selesia unduh Rename file jadi miwifi.bin
- copy file  miwifi.bin paste di Fashdik / USB flash drive, format system drive  FAT/FAT32
- konek Flashdisk / USB drive ke port USB router
- matikan router dengan cabut kabel power dari router
- tekan tombol reset sambil nyalakan router dengan konek kabel power ke router
- tetap tekan tombol reset, saat LED kuning meyala KEDIP-KEDIP silahkan lepas tombol reset
- tunggu proses berjaan samapai LEDmenyala biru
- Done

  • Mi Wi-Fi nano Router Youth Version
  • Rom Package[Firmware]
  • PC
  • Lan Networking Cable

  • Download Rom Package
  • Put your PC [desktop]
  • Turn off the router youth version of power
  • Press the router's reset button
  • Power is turned on[Don't remove your hands reset button], about 10 seconds later,
  • When the light turns yellow flashing the router
  • Release the reset button
  • Connect the Wi-Fi Router using Lan network cable to Computer[PC]
  • For the computer to set a fixed ip address, fixed ip address needs in ~ in between address
  • Click "Choose File" button, find the Mi Wi-Fi router youth version ROM package in your PC.
  • Click the "Start Restore" button to begin the restoration[Flashing]
  • About 5 to 8 minutes after the time until the router light turns solid Blue indicating the success of Restore[Flash].
  • After the success of restore, the router can be used normally.

 Link Firmware youth                                           

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